“HardemTextiles” attaches great importance to research and development for the sustainability of the principle of protection of quality standards. As a result of regular research and employing experienced and dynamic staff specializing in this field, we offer products that meet the changing global trends. “Hardem textile”, which always adheres to the principle of innovation and development, has become one of the leading companies in the industry.


Due to our sensitivity on quality, we maintain our quality standards by making the twisting process of our yarn in-house. Our company has an annual twisting capacity of 600 tons.


We are closely following the process of yarn to be woven from the first entrance up to product output of our company, in line with our understanding of compromise less quality. The warp winding process we carry out with our expertise team in understanding that this is a great importance in obtaining accurate quality is the first stage of converting the yarn into product.


Our Company which climbed to the highest level of being the leader of the sector with its experience gained since 1978 manufactures silvery, viscose, pashmina, taffeta, satin, cotton and flaxen fabrics on the latest technology jacquard and dobby loomsin line with our understanding of compromise less quality. Hardem Textile, who practices on a fabric weaving capacity of 36.000.000 meters annually, is enhancing its weaving capacity each day after with its increasingly growing structure.


Our long fringed wraps which we produce in house of Hardem Textile are processed in our fringe machines.We practice on a long fringed wrap producing capacity of 5.400.000 pieces annually.


Our paintshop, equipped with advanced technology, has a capacity of 1800 tons per year and performs functions such as washing, chemical finishing, solid color and double color.


While the styling sector has developed nowadays we as Hardem Textile strive to produce the latest trendies with our expertise staff in house to serve our customers. We supply our customer with high range of patterns and produce also custom pattern designs and variants on demand of our customers. In line of our understanding of customer satisfaction principle, we produce 1.200.000 pieces of digital printed wrap and scarfs annually.


Our woven, painted and/or printed products are set under precise quality control at the confection department which is the last station before they are delivered to our customers. Our products which are set under “quality control process in perception of a customer look” are got ready for the taste of our customers. Our confection department which has a capacity of 12.000.000 pieces is enhancing its capacity increasingly.

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