We continue to build up a sustainable future with our passionate foundations which we have established in the year of 1978

We started our commercial life in 1978 under the leadership of Mehmet DEMİRKIRAN and have been continuing as HardemTekstil since 1994.

Touchs directing the fashion

Thanks to our experience in the sector, the importance we attach to quality and our approach that keeps customer satisfaction above all, Hardem Textile has become one of the leading companies in the sector.We attach great importance to R & D activities in order to achieve our goal of taking further steps.In addition to our wide range of products with our expert staff, we are working hard to produce new qualities and to produce different weaving and printing patterns.With our investments in technology, we have reached 36.000.000+ meter shawl, scarf and fabric weaving capacity in our production area with 15.000 m² indoor area. Embracing innovation and development as our principlehas been the most important factor in our advancement from past to present, and thanks to our flexible structure that can keep up with the changing world structure, we have succeeded in keepingour touchwith our customers permanent.

The annual capacity of production and printing

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